last night was one of the most intimate nights we shared together… i didn’t imagine i’d be able to open up to him like that. we’ve been intimate before, but not like that…

the joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.

i read the previous line from this book, "I kissed dating goodbye" by joshua harris… it’s not even about what the book’s title is. i’m not really kissing dating goodbye. it’s just that i don’t want to play around anymore… going out on dates with guys that i really don’t imagine marrying in the future, is i think, just a waste of time. that’s why i would resort to the "safe mode", which is hanging out… i like hanging out with guys, and girls, siyempre, but most of the time, hanging out with guys would give them this impression that i like them… well, i LIKE hanging out with them, that’s it…

pero last night was one of the most intimate nights i really shared with a guy… i really couldn’t imagine being open like that… it was a nice feeling, but it also makes me worry that it would be to his advantage… i don’t like him that much, like think that he would be someone i could really share the rest of my life with… but it’s really nice that every thing’s taken slowly, one step at a time… i’m not new to this, but every thing feels new… feels right… and feels great…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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