I Kissed Dating Goodbye…

Not like your average "dating guide" book… well, it’s definitely not like any of them… it’s actually a book not tackling how you have to "say goodbye to dating"! not like that!! it tells you how dating prepares you for a life-long commitment that it’s not to be taking lightly… i got a few quotes from the book, and here are a few of my reactions…

"what right does a man have to ask for a woman’s exclusive attention when he does not have any intentions on marrying her?! what sensible woman would give her exclusive attention to a man who has not asked her to marry her?!"
—>makes sense right?! i mean, why waste your time in involving yourself in short-term relationships when you can actually prepare for a long-term one, something that’s actually worthwhile?!

diba?! it makes sense?! i’ve been in and out of dating relationships… it’s so tiring! i don’t want to be taking my chances looking for a boyfriend and think that he maybe Mr. Right… i’d be wasting my time… why not improve myself, to be the Ms. Right for my future husband?! i mean, it’s easier because this is something that’s beyond your control… not that choosing who to spend the rest of your life with isn’t beyond your control… the timing isn’t… gets?!?!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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