i’m tired…

i’m so tired!!! i really want to start working na! i’ve had a lot of online applications already, and i want to start as soon as possible… i’m so bored… i’m having an unpaid vacation for almost 40 days already… i haven’t been really able to catch up with the latest movie flicks (okay, so the last i watched was the fantastic four, still considered a current)… but of course, i would have to consider the cash inflow, which i currently lack…

anyway, we’re going mountain climbing on Saturday, July 30, for our servite walk… one of the activities we have in store for the year in my missionary group (i’m finally able to squeeze that it to a seemingly tight schedule…) i’m a bit excited because i, pathetically, haven’t been to Mt. Makiling… grabe!!!

yesterday, my mom and i went to San Pablo, Laguna to pay our respects… my great grandmother died kasi… grabe! we left before lunch, we packed some sandwiches which we ate in the bus… and when we got there, we stayed for like 3-4 hours… before we loft, they didn’t even offer snacks!!! we were so hungry, grabe!!! all they offered were pika-pikas, which they didn’t even refill… get this… a small container (that of to-go spaghetti from a fast food) was being shared by 5 people!!! grabe! to think that they lived in a very big house, has a very successful business, they cannot even feed guests… we saw guests come and go without even eating anything!!! haaay… not that we’re there for food, pero it was one of the things i really noticed… when my grandma died in pangasinan, there was an overflow of biscuits, and there were servings of either pancit or chicken sandwiches for the guests… haay… naku!!!

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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