why i said no…

because i can… hehe!!!

seriously, i said "no" for 2 reasons…

1) i don’t want to work for a real estate company… i don’t want to report to office on a sunday… yeah, it’s a pretty much attractive position, Marketing Assistant, and everything, and the office is only in Alabang. Though the job would seem okay, though reporting to office on sundays would be okay for now, i don’t think it’ll last… i mean, it’s not for me in the long run…

2) i don’t want to work in Connecticut… Greenhills… GOTCHA!!! i know that sir ruffy and sir sammy referred me to the president of Eleksis, but it’s in Connecticut! it’s so far! tpos, they have Saturday work pa eh! that’s one thing that i’m trying to avoid, weekend work… hay… i actually texted sir sammy after that, saying that i really appreciated the referral, but i’m not really interested… Gosh! it was so embarrassing!! i mean, they got into so much trouble just to talk to the president, tapos, i’ll just turn them down… haayyy…

well, got an exam tomorrow for a company that i’m not gonna reveal for now… tapos i have a call simulation for a call center, for a part time position lang, as i’m waiting for the feedback of the companies i applied to.

haaayyy…. life…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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