can’t wait!!!

well, i got accepted at a call center… i’m not really into a call center job, but i applied only for a part time position to give me some time to entertain my other applications. i was actually honest with the interviewer with regard to this plan… i just want it to be part time because i already want to have some cash in-flow… actually, i’m still waiting for a call for Job offer… if they have no intentions of calling, well, i don’t mind…

i’ve been applying to a lot of other companies and i’m just waiting for feedback…

last friday, i had my mom accompany me to Festival for a job fair, and i was able to fill out an application form for Philips, which is actually a rival company of Sony. by the way, the position i applied for in Sony already closed. it’s okay, i’m not interested with the position they’re offering me, anyway… i wanted the events coordinator position, but they wanted me as trade consultant… thus, the "non"-pursuance of the position…

i also passed my resume to Siemens, PICC, and Geospatial… i’m just not sure what the last company is about, but they have an opening on business development…

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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