A job that wouldn’t last…

got accepted in a call center already. i’ll be starting my training on Sept 5. well, the compensation is not really attractive, to think that it’s a call center, but since it’s just a part time position, might as well be patient…

actually, i took a grave yard shift… i remember a special guy friend telling me that a graveyard shift is not really bad, because you get to accomplish some forms or maybe tasks that can only be accomplished druing normal business hours… so i actually took his advise… at least with this schedule, i can entertain my other applications during the day, the normal business hours…

my schedule for the training would be from 7:30pm to 4am. work would be from 9:30pm to 5am, MThFSu. Yeah, the schedule sucks, the pay is not really that much (i earned more in Monde Nissin… haaayyy…) but i’ll get by.. i wanna earn na rin kasi so that i can help out around the house…

i went to 6750 earlier to get my papers in Monde… i saw former "company mates" (i was assigned in Mandaluyong; the people i saw were assigned in Laguna, and in Makati…) i asked Tony (isidro, assigned in Makati) if there are openings in Monde… but if ever, i wouldn’t apply this soon… maybe after an experience in a Marketing field would i apply there again…

ate Mercy called up yesterday, and she was asking me if i already have a job… Apparently, sir sammy was asking her how i was, and if i already have a job… well, i thought i already texted him about that! anyway, it was really touching to know that they still want to have something to do with me even if i’m not employed in Monde anymore… naks… i really miss them…


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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