his look almost killed me…

i knew when he looked at me, things would never be the same again…

we were okay a few days ago… we laughed, we smiled, and everything seemed fine… i never knew that it would change, that everything would be different after just one glance…

when i saw his face before the door shut, it was a face that i could hardly describe, but it was something i could definitely remember for the rest of my life… it was cold, it was dark… it was lifeless… it was so unlike his usual expression, where just a look in his eyes, you would see that he’s alive, and that he’s liking whatever he’s seeing… before, even just looking at his eyes, you would know that he’s happy, that he’s smiling… okay, in short, his eyes know how to smile, and you would know that he’s smiling or his happy without ever seeing his lips break into one…

but yesterday, i feared what i saw… neither can be seen in his face… i don’t know if it was because he saw me before the door shut, or it was because he saw me and he was regretful that he didn’t go into the door… but i saw that he was hesitant, and i knew that upon seeing me inside, he didn’t really want to enter anymore…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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