a glimpse of my past…

i didn’t really want to look back, but i did…

it was today, 3 years ago, that i met for the first time, the guy i knew i loved the most and for the longest time… the guy whom i felt the most pain from… the guy who showed me what love is really about… the guy who i almost saw again yesterday…

the guy who almost made me die… about a year ago…

i was walking yesterday, towards Susana Heights, from Metrobank in the Muntinlupa City proper… then i saw a vehicle passed by, wasn’t really aware that i was staring at the plate number for a long time… then i realized, it was a vehicle that i rode about 5 times, almost 2 years ago… the same vehicle drove me from one destination to another… picked me up from home to go to Festival mall… the vehicle whose owner was once one of those guys i mentioned and introduced to my friends… yes, the guy i fell in love with, the guy whom i hoped would be "the one"…

i went to Festival Mall yesterday to go shopping… but then, one thing didn’t leave my mind while i stroll in the Mall… the fear that i might see him with the girl he left me for…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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