I was in Robinson’s Galleria yesterday for Pupil’s Beautiful Machines Mall Tour, and boy was i the crazed fan!!! At first, i was really shy, because cannot associate myself to PONY yet… I’ve only been a part of the company for 5 days! But i really tried to blend myself in… Though i’m not yet successful (in blending in), i am proud to have been an impulsive buyer of their album, have shamelessly asked ate donna s. to take a picture of me with the band members (to think that she has yet to save some memory on her digicam for Hale’s album relaunch in Eastwood), and have them sign my album copy and the poster that came along with it!!!

i actually went there with the intention of being intimate with the band members, to take pictures of them with me using my phone (you get the drift?! faces close together to be able to squeeze into the picture?!) but i hesitated using my phone because of the not-so hi-tech resolution… also, my intention there was to meet Yan Yuzon in person (haay… what are those Yuzon brothers doing to me?! first, Yael in Festival Mall, last night, Yan in Galleria!!!) but after seeing Bogs Jugo in person, the sails were shifted to a different direction, and there i was, posing in a picture with him, despite the fact that he was graciously & gorgeously sweating (yes, even his sweaty neck and forehead were a bit attractive), still gave in to having a snapshot!!! i was in pupilopolis!!! Hehe!!!

Grabe!! All those things for a favorite band!! i catch myself telling jean and ate donna my not believing that i was actually doing those things (refer to above mentioned acts…). I was actually just savoring the moment!! I know there would be more shows to come (they actually have a mall tour in Robinson’s Imus, but of course, i can’t go because of a store visit in SM Manila earlier), but i didn’t want to pass that chance up. right now, i don’t have a lot of assignments for PONY yet, but once i start, i could be unstoppable, and there would be little time for me to take a breather a.k.a. go to the sponsored artists mall tours…

Haay… this work is indeed WAY better than call center work… (no offense to call center agents…)

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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