should not regret at all…

hmmm… it’s been a while since i last posted an entry here… i actually have no idea where to start in updating my "cyberworld" about what has happened in my life… basta, to actually give you a very short summary, i should say, i am not to regret everything that happened…

okay, let’s see… i’m starting to feel my work… like i am really beginning to work! no more just lying around, no more seating in to office days and orientations, no more reviewing of old files and documents, no more clean desks!!! i am actually going around, in what i call "mall tours" to check on how PONY ("Let’s Get It On!") is doing in the stores i am currently assigned to (namely Olympic Village North EDSA, Olympic World ATC, Toby’s stores in North EDSA Annex, Megamall, Glorietta and Shangri-La, Royal Sporting Houses in Ermita and Glorietta, The Shoe Shop in Rockwell — account to be closed soon —, and lastly, Sports Central in Megamall). I have been officiating office days with promos, interviewing up and coming sales demos for malls or boutiques, planning merchandise, replenishing stocks, requesting window displays, initially countering sales plans, writting memos, scheduling pull-outs… ANG DAMI TALAGA!!! Honestly, and to actually highlight this, i need the next statement in capslock…


Okay… in other aspects, everything’s been doing well… My brother’s going to college (in AMA Binan) and will take up MassCom (under my influence… and finally, not another business grad in the family), and i’m actually in-charge of his daily allowance… i’m actually kinda excited as well to make him a WALKING ADVERTISEMENT for both PONY and NO FEAR because i have a, let us say, very good deal and discount in getting merchandise…

We have a new dog!!! Her name’s MIMI… well, she kinda makes me miss ROBIN… she’s not as interactive and as loving kasi… i’m really missing robin’s company, yung mga kaartehan nya sa food, the way he greets you whenever he hears the gate open… yun…

My parents are doing okay, though they’re not really getting younger… i wanted my dad to stop going to Saudi na, but i’m not yet that able to really work as the sole and bread winner in the family… as for my mom, well, she’s kinda pushing me to find that someone na in my life…

…which is something that i’m not really bothering myself to do, because of the numerous options i have!!! hehehe!!!

okay, so in that department, i have yet to tell something, though i actually would not dare because i don’t want to mess things up… let’s just say, it’s up and running, but not in the limelight…

well, i have to go na!!! i have yet to sell YOU shoes… hehehehehehe!!!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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