Just wanna share with everyone in my network that my job is actually a dream come true…

Toby’s was turned over to me about 2 weeks ago, so now i am already handling 10 stores… We’re opening another Toby’s store (opening an account, i mean) in Toby’s Sta. Rosa!!! It’s so exciting! i actually live near Sta. Rosa, but I’ve never been to SM, so it’s finally a reason to do my mall tour there!!

I’ll be looking for new sales demos for OV World and OV North, for efficiency of Manpower… Gosh!! i kinda feel so fulfilled with my job!! This is actually the HR Part of it… not to mention doing orientations for the sales promos, training, motivating, etc!

nga pala, we’ll have a company outing on the 19th… meaning, no mall tour the following day!!! hay…

nga pala, ulit… i’m kinda getting used to artists dropping by the offices… sometime within this week, Kwjan actually dropped by (though minus Marc). a few weeks ago, Kamikazee went to No Fear… Oh! tomorrow Pupil will be in Baguio… sarap naman nila… sayang, hindi ko sila masusundan dun… hehehe!!!

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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