just random…

"Never let go of anyone that you couldn’t go a day without thinking about… There just might be a very good reason why the person is always on your mind… Sometimes, it’s the brain that knows so well what the heart tries so hard to deny…"

got this message from an ouRex friend, ate nette…

i’m not exactly thinking about this person… we had a formation for SYMpre aspirants this morning, when i had this urge to go out, check out the parking lot of the shrine for a certain vehicle… didn’t see it… though i was able to see the "driver"..

my hands shook as i walked past behind him… i didn’t know what to do… i went over to the tents to check out the food on sale, then went on to grab some drink… tapos, i kinda stood behind him, seemingly listening to the priest preaching…


dati, i saw him lang, driving the crosswind, when i was in a jeepney on my way home… tapos, ngayon, on the flesh!! i was really shaking, thought about the promises i made to myself and to the one i thought of finally setting my heart to (though this other person doesn’t know that i’m eyeing him…)

WE WERE BOTH IN BLACK!!! i dressed a rebellious look today, with black nail polish, thick eye liner, bluish black lipstick…

i asked my friend Ezhel to join me, and as we walked, she saw him look… the way he finds it difficult to make eye contact with me meant one thing… our parting ways was bad…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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