Love’s knocking, should i open the door?!

last night (or this morning), one of the scarriest things happened to me… i received a proclamation of love…

last time i heard someone tell me that he loves me was when i was in fourth year high school, and that was something that’s hard to believe because it was over the phone, and it was in TAGALOG!! BINATOG DOD!!!

and then, last night… this guy poured out and told me something i’ve waited for a long time (not exactly from him, pero okay lang…) i think i even shook more that time than while we were watching "Turistas" during the graphic scenes (which we both tried to avoid watching… creepy!!), more than when i saw the last guy i really loved so much at church, and more than when i feel cold (buti nalang hindi niya nahalata…)

i don’t usually believe in promises… it’s hard for me to trust guys especially after everything that happen to me… but seeing that tear drop from his eye made me feel so unfair to him… like why should i treat him like the other guys when he’s obviously so unlike them?!?!

i like this guy very much, i don’t even know how to actually say that… i don’t even know how to begin if ever i’ll be asked about what i actually feel about him… i honestly don’t love him yet, but it’s definitely a possibility…

after knowing each other for seven years… after being heart broken for three years… after one fateful month… everything changed…

that guy, who was only one of those guys i’ve narrated in my diary, whose name i’ve mentioned as one of those guys who just passed by and went away… all of a sudden became that guy who’s not gonna stay… for "just a while"…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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