random thoughts…

***i don’t think i’ve gone home from the office earlier than 8… super many things to do! but one thing i’m enjoying the most is helping out with out office’s decorations…

***i’m almost halfway done book five… the only harry potter book i purchased so far, because my officemate’s was on loan for quite some time, and i can’t wait till it’s returned…

***i’ve been waiting for a friend of mine to post pictures from my mini-stint in Gilligan’s… i’d label it as "Torn… after 3 margaritas, 1 pinacolada, and 2 bottles of light"… haha! can’t wait to sing again! i really missed performing in front of a crowd i barely knew…

***saturday… can’t wait! i’ll be reaching for a dream… i’ll make a fantasy a reality… it’s all i’ve been waiting and praying and hoping for… well, hope i don’t jinx it… i have the budget, i have the time… i’m all for it! on saturday, N73 ME… you’re all mine!!!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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