it’s sunday, and it’s actually way past my bed time…

i remember one Churchmate telling me that she misses my blogs… and she’s been saying that the reason why i’m not writing any is because i have something else to occupy myself with… people agree, and so do i…

so, what the heck keeps me busy these days?

well, aside from a Mon-Sat work, with Sundays filling in sometimes for work missed on Saturday; aside from having some lector-work once in a while on Sundays, and of course, SYMPre [To CHRIST THE KING!]… well, there is someone keeping me busy lately… hehehe!

i remember, i think more (if not less) than a year ago, i have been trying to nurse a bruised heart, after a traumatic relationship finally ended… i remember having to put up with curious friends, asking me the same questions, and almost having this idea of just gathering them all up, write their questions down, and discuss with them everything that had happened… God! that sucked! recollecting every painful event that went by…

and then, i remember, early this year, well actually, as this year started, i promised myself that i’d be better, that i’d do better, and that everything will be better for me… eventually… and like some good, old-fashioned New year’s resolution, i must have thrown that thought away about a dozen times, as if written in a draft paper, and after not liking what i wrote, it just ends up in the trash bin…

and then came Pong…

[to be continued…]


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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