The Number 8

One time, you eat another burger or fries, and use a ketchup sachet, take a look at the number written in the sachet.  It is usually located near the tear here sign, or in any corner, or on the sealed part of the sachet.  The range of these numbers is usually from 1 to 7.  Each number symbolizes the sweetness or sourness (is there even such a word?) of the ketchup in the sachet.  Now, I’m still not sure if number 1 is the sweetest and the number 7 is the sourest, making ketchup number 4 the most blended one, the neutral ketchup, for those who prefer either sweet or sour, or neither.  But then again, if youre not as obsessive compulsive as I am, you wouldnt really care, right? I mean, why waste your time looking at a number in your ketchup sachet, when you can just go tear it, put it over your burger or dip your fries in it, then throw the sachet away? Well, maybe its just me

So, imagine the horror! The terror! And the confusion it brought me, when one night, I went on overtime at work, had an officemate order some mcdonalds, and ate my fries yup, the title must have suggested it there was an 8 in my ketchup sachet! A freaking number 8! Shoot! All my theories! All my beliefs! They were all shattered! Thanks to the unknowing #8 in my ketchup sachet! You freaking number 8!!!

Yun lang guess I’m just over reacting


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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