>Angelbevz hits…

>i just typed “angelbevz” in google search, and i saw that i am not alone… i’m not the only angelbevz existing in this world… hahaha! how amazing, that in this big world, and maybe even within the more that 92 million people (or more) in the philippines, there is also that someone who thinks as crazy as me, and as “angelic” and is a “bevz” like me…

there were a total of 596 hits of angelbevz in google, squeezed down to 43, to exclude repetitive entries… wow… i wonder where these people are… i wonder if how many of these hits pertained to me… makes this world, all of a sudden, seeming so small…

wala lang… petiks during an afternoon at work…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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