>Not any better…

>i’m in a very low state right now. i feel like things are not going easy for me… i’m tired, i want to rest… i wanna quit my job, as i’m not feeling any fulfillment in it anymore (pay may be better than the previous, but i’m not content. i don’t like what i’m currently doing. maybe i’m just being too sensitive, that i’m not feeling any positive vibes around me..

i hate my life right now. part of me wants to kill ‘bevz’ and start anew…

so when did this start?

i just had an exchange of text messages with that one guy i’m very much willing to spend the rest of my life with. but the exchange wasn’t hopeful at all. it reminded me of things i cannot be, of things that can never change between us, of things that tells me he’s better off with someone else… it breaks me just thinking about these things, but i have to let him know that… i also have to let him know that this was because he broke up with me…

he said he’s preparing for the future. i say he prepare for his future. he is free to do anything he wants… he can stop considering me in his future… i’ll stop hoping, as i am already losing hope. i’m tired, and i can no longer wait for him…

this is not a blog anymore… it’s a complete random thought.

i love Jan Paolo Perez Tiburcio..

but the odds are all against me. i can’t think positive right now. he’s not gonna come back. he’s not gonna be mine again. i’ll never have him again. can i just die? šŸ˜„


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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