>Holding on… or Letting go…

>it’s just so hard, being presented these two choices…

Holding on:

– could mean that there’s still hope

– there’s still the will and enough strength to fight and stay

– could mean there’s no giving up

– there’s still believing that things would work out

– believing that along the way, you’ll find what can truly make you happy and share that with that one person…

Letting go:

– could mean giving up

– setting the other person free

– surrendering to what God has in store for your life

– succumbing to the power of time and space, and whatever the circumstances would present

– could mean that the one letting go is tired and is already ready moving on…

I don’t know, or maybe i’m just not sure, how it is to be that person being held on to, or let go… what could they be feeling?

if someone holds on to them, does that give them limited time and space for themselves? would it eventually make them want to break free and leave the person holding on? would they feel secure, that when someone is holding on, they would never feel alone, and would eventually hold on to that person, too? would they be able to appreciate the one fighting for their affection?

if someone lets go of them, does that give them the freedom they think they really need? would that make them feel that since they were let go by that person, it’s easy for that person to just give them up? is it really going to be better? would they also believe that love is really for them and is worth it?

makes me want to question if this saying is true…

“if you love someone, set him/her free… if she/he comes back, she’s/he’s meant to be yours…”


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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