>Good first, better next… Best finale!

>I am in a transition between the better and the best… i only have room for one more, and i only have time for the last one… what do i mean by this? Read on…

I Had my first boyfriend when i was 23 years old, back in April 8, 2007, in Baguio City. Courtship was barely a month, as we only started going out March 10. We’ve known each other since college, as we were PE classmates, first semester of 2000. He was a good duckpin bowler, so despite my 5′ built, i developed a crush with this 1-to-2-inches-shorter cute boy, who was a Political Science major. He had a girlfriend that time, so i shifted to having a crush on someone else…

Fast forward, 5 years, November 2005. I was working at a call center in makati, checked my friendster profile, and got a testimonial from him. We lost touch for about 2 years before that, and in his testimonial, he said he had a crush on me back in college… wow… since then, we have been connecting thru friendster, email and texts. This continued even as i started working for Pony and then before you knew it, we were a couple. oh, by the way, fast forward his height also. he stood at 5’4″, while i was 5’1″.

He swept me off my feet! He knew how to surprise me. Before going to his office in Makati one afternoon, he got a tall mocha frappuccino from Starbucks, and took it to my office in Ortigas! One time, i was prepping for a bisita iglesia, around 4 in the morning, he texted saying that my breakfast of mcChicken Sandwich was waiting outside the gate of my house, and there he was! on our first month, he called and texted that he would meet a friend before going to work, while i at the same time, coordinated with him my dropping by at his office to eat dinner. the next thing i know, he was already beside me in my office area, carrying flowers! For our second month, he took me to Corregidor Island (not sure about the spelling), all expenses paid! and did i mention we became a couple in Baguio?! that was in easter, and we had to attend the easter mass together…

Before i knew it, yet again, he wasn’t that guy who was going to stay…

He got tired of the monotony in my life… Store visits during Fridays and Saturdays; peak seasons and therefore no vacations during the months of May, June, November and December; our dates constricted to just the malls, when he preferred out of towns; and wanting to stay in Muntinlupa, instead of moving in together in a place we could both call our home. He took every thing fast, so maybe that was the reason, it had to end after 4 months. Why that short? and why that fast? I took this as an experiment, as an end to my wondering, how is it like to be actually in a real relationship (if ever that was really considered a relationship)… dating a few guys for quite some time, has often got me asking why none of them became my boyfriend… anyway, that first time, was a good first time…


My second boyfriend was definitely better… He was an officemate, handling a different brand, younger, came from a different school, and, not really that tall. The first time i had an encounter with him, was back in March, 2008. He was with another officemate, waiting for the elevator in the 4th floor cafeteria of our building. We got to ride that one elevator, that made me able to check him out, and i remember the first thing i said that time to my Pony officemate when they got off the 28th floor, “he’s cute!” From that time on, i was seemingly a stalker… i made sure that i would buy my breakfast, on the same time i had that encounter. but i didn’t get to see him after that first one… So i told another officemate (from another brand) about this developing crush, and she helped me device this plan: i would ask and borrow brand comparatives for Toby’s stores for both of us from him! And so i did. I made the call, and asked about a certain store and it went from there.

One time, i was prepping for my store visit, when i got a call from someone not registered in my phone. IT WAS HIM! He asked about a store, that was that time under renovation. He was so civil, he used “po” and “opo” on me! i got a bit irritated that i told him, i’m not old. That day did not really end with that. We even texted as i was on my way to the store. After a while, he texted something that wasn’t related to work, a forwarded message to be exact, and that left me with goosebumps and made my heart skip a beat… again…

It started from formal texts about work, to those about going to the gym, interests, hobbies, and basically everything under the sun. I wasn’t taking anything lightly, but i wasn’t assuming things… But one time, i just had this crazy, out of the blue decision, to actually accompany him during one of his late nights in the office. Now what’s that about?! then there was a time, we met up in Bacoor, and that was the first time, we actually talked face to face, because before that, it was just over the phone or text… Then i would get out of the blue texts and sometimes phone calls from this guy that i really enjoy!

I didn’t even get it, the time he actually asked if he could court me… because i was so comfortable with how we are! kulitan, the numerous texts… hanging out, the jokes… so, i didn’t believe him when he was already asking me that, and when he told me that he wants me to be his girlfriend, i even had a hard time, and it took a while before that had to sink in! i often asked him if he was just playing, or just joking, or just wanted to see how i would react, but it turned out, it was for real!

he wasn’t the type that my first boyfriend was… my second boyfriend was clueless! he didn’t know how to surprise me, he wasn’t into out of towns, he wasn’t as romantic and sweet, but he treated me well… until he broke up with me…

now i don’t want to go on with the details of that… all in all, we had a relationship that lasted more than a year… i hoped it could last more than that, but right now, i don’t want to think about it… though i still hope and pray that if God gives me another chance at love, and gives me the Best that a relationship could be for me, it would be with my second boyfriend…

i remember, the day i decided that i really love this person, was days before i actually said yes to starting the relationship with him… i shared a first kiss with him, barely a month before, and it felt like i just gave away one of the best things that i could give him… my love… it was a decision when i stayed, despite the fact that i thought i wasn’t getting what i deserve… 😥

i’m young, i still have a lot going for myself, i’m free, i’m single, i’m alone, but i’m definitely not allowing myself to be lonely… I’m hoping for the best finale… that last person, that last chance… all in the name of love.


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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