>lacking self-motivation…

>I’ve only been with my current company for more than 5 months.  I have been assigned a lot of tasks already, but mostly are clerical, and something i can really do in such a short time.  It’s okay, i guess, that despite this fact, I’m getting paid higher than my last salary from my former company; i live very near and i am able to save a lot, especially on my transportation expenses; i don’t have to sleep early and wake up early coz i have flexi-time schedule; and i’m already considered a supervisor here, so it’s kind of a step higher in the corporate ladder…

but, as i have written in the title, i am really lacking self-motivation…

not that i don’t want to work anymore, but i’m missing my old job… i’m stuck here in the office, waiting for whatever my boss tells me to do… well, i do my own thing, like follow up on contracts, answering on stores’ concerns, but i haven’t completely grasped my work yet.  i’m not into my work, basically… i don’t like what i’m doing, writing letters, filing this, recording that… it’s not what i think i’m built for… i believe my strength is in the analysis of numbers.  give me sales figures, and i can tell you factors of why it decreased or increased, versus last year/last month/year-to-date, average sales, external and internal factors, that sort of stuff.  but right now, the details i have to look at includes checking if lights, aircon grilles, and sprinklers are aligned and at the same distance between one and the other; escalation rates; when did our lease terms start and end; details that are honestly driving me crazy, because they are so tedious!  they are not the type of challenge i’m accustomed to, and they’re not something i really enjoy…

i dunno how to motivate myself further, just so i could go past this stage, and get through this until next year.  my regularization is supposed to be on November, but i’m planning to resign by end of November… i wanna be in the house the entire December, just so i could also spend time with my dad… I miss a long vacation, but i couldn’t afford it, the time i mean, when i’m working…

i’m also looking for a better job… i’ve been actively applying online… i really want to be in a multinational company, where there is a system that i could actually follow, and try to change, should change prove to be better… i need a challenge, a motivation… hay…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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