>What I Miss The Most…

>I met up with a friend yesterday, to hopefully help me ease my troubles and distract me from the pain I’m currently going through (but does so well keeping / hiding it from people).  It somehow worked, but then again, it was just a mask, to make me realize i’m still capable of doing things without him.  It’s still different, though, and so much better with him…

“The Dark Knight” Timezone powercard was not really enough to compensate for the memories when i shared his powercard (which is now chipped).  We would play basketball together, and i remember somehow mastering the Timezone hoops because when there’s only one empty spot and i’m the one playing, he would cheer me on.  And when i get pass the first 60 seconds and prepare for the next 60, i would get a kiss and a pat on the back…

Eating a slice of sugar-free New York Cheesecake somehow did not suffice the longing i felt for the company of that one person who shared a chocolate brownie and a slice of chocolate cake from Bo’s coffee, while he read that “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, on the chair opposite mine.  no offense to the person i was with last night.  i enjoyed her company, it’s just that it’s times like these that i remember someone really special, and i remember those special moments, which few would notice, and would more often than not, take for granted…

I remembered the cuddles during romantic parts of a movie, or just his arms around my waist and his chin on my shoulder (getting tingles everytime, especially when he kisses my neck) when we line up for cinema tickets, going inside the cinema theater, timezone, and even the fast food lines…

and last night, as i tried to put myself to sleep (and was successful to do so around 4am this morning) a few teardrops escaped from both my eyes.  i remembered how it felt having my head rest on his muscular arms, or rest my head on his chest and feel his heartbeat, and feel the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes… i remember how it felt having my arms around his waist, and how last night i felt the void of not sleeping beside him…  i remember how he kisses me before we sleep, and hugs me tight in anticipation of a quiet slumber, and the dreams we both could make… i remember how he doesn’t mind kissing me when he wakes up in the morning…

as if everything happened just yesterday… =(

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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