>Remembering the small things bring back great memories…

>I was in the jeep this morning on my way to work.  I felt sleepy because i slept around 1am this morning.  I remember resting my head on his shoulders, even on his chest, while his hands and arms would pull me closer to him.  It feels comfortable as he would keep me in the best posture during a commute.  He would sometimes have my hands wrap around his tummy, as if to cuddle while i fall asleep inside the jeep…

“Finally”, i said, when he offered to carry my bag one time.  I told him that i’d say that word once he figured out what he failed to do the day before, to wrack up some pogi points.  Chivalry goes a long way…  then i remember, how he opens the cab door and lets me in first; how he goes in the elevator after i have, and goes out before i do; how he would give up his time for gym and basketball (or sometimes let me watch his games when i have time) because we got home late and i stayed over his place, so that we could bond some more… watch TV or DVDs or just sit around, hang out, and talk about everything under the sun… all these things i really appreciated… and therefore, really miss… ='(

I remember how he look dumb-founded, and tongue-tied, when after almost 2 months of crazy and fun courtship, i surprised him by telling him how i already felt about him that time… i remember him asking me to tell him something about me that he doesn’t know and that would surprise him…  a few weeks before that, i heard him tell me that he’s already falling in love, and that he’s afraid that i might not catch him. that time i wasn’t sure about how i felt.  but that night, in Greenbelt, eating Nips and drinking mineral water, while sitting on a bench, under a tree and underneath a cloudless Friday night, i said 3 words, that made the seemingly simple moment, ultra magical… “Mahal Na Kita…”  i was actually already itching to tell him these words about a few days before… i was just waiting for the perfect moment to tell him so…


Remembering doesn’t help much, especially if i do it in the office during work hours…

I miss him so much… ='(

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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