>Healing and Detoxifying… Today is my fifth day of starting the rest of my life… I am still full of energy and positivity, that hopefully through my blogs, i could infect people with it…

Last Monday (November 9, 2009), i went out for drinks with an officemate in Antakya, Alabang and had a blast! Got a little tipsy, but it was okay, considering I laughed my heart out almost the entire evening, when Mega Sam was on stage.  She (or He) was really good in doing stand-up, too bad if you’re pikon… My friend was able to sing on stage, but i wasn’t… well, there’s always a next time… I figured, since i was planning to sing a sad song “Minamalas by Mojofly), it was not good for my hetoxification… =)

Last night, i was looking forward to watching Gossip Girl and Glee… i didn’t get to catch the beginning of the GG episode, but was glad to know that i didn’t really miss much (i got to catch the rerun this morning).  as for Glee, it was the same episode last week, so i just turned the TV off, and had time to just write in my journal…

This morning, I greeted a guy friend a “Good Morning”… He greeted me last Monday, but wasn’t able to greet him back because i didn’t have load that time, and then the time passed and i already forgot to greet him, till i saw his Monday text this morning.  so i replied, and he texted back with a “mornin’..”… it felt as if he wasn’t okay, but i didn’t bother to ask, because it’s something negative… besides, if he wanted to share whatever’s bothering him, he could just approach me, and i’d be happy to help… =)

I’m starting my Wednesday happy, as i have written in my status message in YM.  I’m wearing my happy shirt (Peace Love Music from American Blvd). Hehehe!

hmmm… there’s one thing negative though, that i’m thinking about right now…  The last time i checked my facebook at home, and saw my games, was last Monday.  I hope my Cafe World dishes haven’t spoiled yet, and my Farmtown and Farmville crops have not gone to waste yet… I’ll check it later… pero parang i wanna go to get a Starbucks fix, just some tea… to help my physical detoxification… =)

God bless!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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