>at work early…

>I so love going to work early… fewer distractions (because most of the people are still not around)… not so hot (the sun is so friendly at 8:00 to 8:30 am!)… and i have a reason to go home early (fixed rate pips should finish 9 hours for the day)… start the day perfectly!

got my early caffeine fix (again from the Coffee and Pancake Company), and loved the Splenda i mixed in it (i actually prefer equal, but it’s the only sweetener available in the coffee shop)…  would’ve loved to try out the black forest pancakes, but i would not be early in the office if i still waited… maybe next time…

i wasn’t in the office yesterday, so i wanted to start early today… i have already accomplished much, and just took a 15 minute break to write and update my blog… nothing really much… just a happy day…

yesterday, i almost slipped into a sad state of mind, for some strange reason… I passed by the bridgeway from SMX to MOA yesterday, and i saw the sunset, Manila Bay, and part of the MOA grounds… i somehow remembered someone, even if we didn’t really hang out there, and almost got teary eyed… maybe the sunset moved me, as it was a sight to behold, or maybe the Manila Bay, seeing that it was so majestic and somehow magical that afternoon…

anyway, today is a happy day! be happy!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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