>Love is…

>– when he holds her hand as they walk, and grips it, tight enough to not slip, and firmly enough to not crush her delicant hands
– when she holds his hand, as he shifts the gear, to let him know that she feels safe and that she trusts his  driving

– when he takes her hand while she speaks, to let her know he is listening intently
– when she takes his hand, to show that she trusts him in whatever he is saying

– when he puts his arms around her, to protect her from the rushing crowd, from the cold, and from other elements that might harm her
– when she puts her arms around him, to give him appreciation for a job well done, for a favor, or for simply being him

– when after having a fight, he calls to say sorry, to ask how she is and let her know that she is important and he did not mean to hurt her
– when after having a fight, she does not call to give him his time to focus and think, and later forgive him even if he does not apologize

– when he remembers birthdays, anniversaries, and other important date or event that they share
– when she forgives him in case he forgets

– when he does the little things for her (all the chivalrous things) often
– when she understands why he does not do them often
– when he does big things to make up for his shortcomings
– when she forgives him for his shortcomings, with or without the big things
– when he surprises her
– when she does not expect and demand too much

– when he listens as she speaks of her day, her problems, and validates her feelings
– when she does not blame him for what she feels

– when he tries to understand her
– when she understands he’s not like her

– when he says “i love you” to assure her
– when she says “i love you” to appreciate him
– when both says “i love you” simply because they do



About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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  1. DuffusInc101 says:

    >Nice… Keep blogging..


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