>Pundakit, Capones, Anawangin


I just love this pic.  Taken in Capones Island.  It seemed so perfect! My excess fats are not obvious, and i really feel sexy in this get-up… I love it so much!

I went to the islands to chill, relax, and to just commune with nature.  Did not really spend a lot, just enough and just worth the temporary escape.  If i had more budget, though, i would’ve gone to Cebu or Davao, or maybe Palawan…

One thing i didn’t do though, was to go trekking… i don’t remember the last time i went trekking in Mt. Manabo in Batangas, so a trek in Capones would’ve been nice.  But we didn’t have enough time.  I’m surely going back… I would somehow want to experience camping, and experience living outdoors…

I was with girl friends, but it would’ve been nicer to spend it with someone special… if i come back, it’ll be with my boyfriend, or my husband…

can’t wait for that next time! woopee!


God bless!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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