>The Concert of my Dreams…

>Nope! I’m not referring to finally seeing Dashboard Confessional, on-stage in the Philippines (perhaps in Araneta or the MOA Concert Grounds), promoting their new album, or just reminiscing on their old ones, singing “Stolen” or “Hands Down”…

I’m talking about a concert, where there’s a stage (pre-requisite to all concerts), a guitar, a stool, a mike stand, a comfortably-seated audience… and me, holding a wireless microphone… an acoustic night…

yup! the alternative-emo-rocker chick is slowly turning into an acoustic wannabe, though still singing those alternative-emo-rock songs…

it started when Churchmates prodded me as recognition of my high falsetto, as we practiced songs for one of our friends’ wedding.  I was singing high Italian verses, with high notes, of “The Prayer”, with the other singers.  I’m glad I sung okay, but I hope to do better on the main day.  I was later on assigned to do a duet with Kuya Martin, “Destiny”, and the Bride’s procession, “The First Time I Loved Forever”…

I planned to do an acoustic rendition of “Your Song” by Parokya ni Edgar during the reception, but didn’t have guitar tabs and enough time to practice.   So i just told the bride to just cancel it.  It would’ve been nice though…

anyway, back to my dream…

when I’m all by myself, in the house, in the shower, or when i’m just listening to some tunes from my player, I hum or sing to myself.  Mostly, it’s songs from Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, or from locals like Mojofly that I get to practice.  I sometimes do renditions of alternative songs, sung by male vocalists, and just putting a female twist to it (it’s a popular trend actually).

I continue to dream, and if i could just land a gig and someone discovers I actually have talent (and if I get serious pursuing it), I may later on realize this dream… =)

God bless!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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