>Dear Pong, (1)


Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.
 It’s been a while, and my feelings for you hasn’t changed.

If only you knew h ow much I still believe that we would still be together someday; if you only knew how much I have changed… Maybe you’d think about how much you are missing in your life by not being with me.

I believe we are made for each other.  If you think I deserve someone better, I’d say, I’m better knowing I deserve you.  I’m sorry if you ever felt like I need someone better than you.  But I’m not sorry for showing you how much I needed from you.  I’m sorry for seeming so needy and possessive.  I am merely testing how much of my whims you can really stand…

It made me sad to know that somehow, you can’t stand me.  You couldn’t endure being with me.  And somehow, I felt, you already gave up even before I went out.  I was actually mad at you that you blamed me for that, even if it was just coffee…

No, I don’t want to dwell on that.  It happened, I said sorry, and it’s up to you to forgive me.  I pray you’d forgive me soon.  I know you still believe, as much as I do, that we would someday be able to fix things.  We just have to be apart.  We just have to grow apart.  So that someday, if we run into each other, sparks will fly again, and we’ll be together again…

Before that happens, I want us to move on with our lives.  I want us to be happy with the roads we took.  I know in the future, our paths will cross, and we’ll be happy together.

I strongly believe that God allowed this to happen make us grow, and make each other realize that we are for each other.  I know that if you read this now, you’ll agree but would show it in an awkward way.  You would try to push me away.  But I know deep inside, you still hope that even as you try to hurt me, you wanted it so bad for me to stay.  And I WILL STAY…

God bless my love…
I love you so much, Pong…

Your forever Bang

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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