>time alone…

>I submitted my resignation letter 2 days ago… That was the output of months of contemplating, weeks of pondering, and days of wondering, whether I was really in the appropriate industry, working for the “best” company, or basically, if I really wanted to do what I am currently doing with my life right now…

I am single, but still very much in-love with an ex-boyfriend…
My first boyfriend just got married (I’m truly happy for them, but this somehow pressured me…)
And i’ll be unemployed in about 40days…

what else could go wrong?

so, i got to think about it again, and here I am, finally able to update my blog, just typing, and i’m not even sure if my previous words made any sense put together…


guess I’m feeling a bit of a frustration…

But i know, things will set right for me… someday… I believe so…

God bless!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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