>why angry people die early…


I went to the South Feast yesterday, and this line struck me.  “Angry People Die Early”… I can just remember all those people who are angry with me, and I just thought to myself, “they’ll die before me… hahaha!”  But then, I remember this one person, whom I think has forgiven me, but has not forgotten what I have done.  Sorry Mister, I’m done saying sorry… besides, it’s not entirely my fault.

Okay, so I remember this person, and hearing the entire lecture reminded me of what this person is like.  He’s one who does not tell people his real feelings, especially when he’s really pissed off, and he just keeps it all inside.  I think he feels that the world has conspired to do bad things to him, making him feel the unluckiest person alive.  And I truly pity him…

Yes, right now, I can feel more pity than love for this person.  He has been angry for a long time, and being this angry has led to our separation.  He has been angry for what a certain ex-girlfriend has done to him, that he thought I’m capable of doing the same thing.  He thought wrong, and so, I deserved better.

I feel like I’ve written a lot, but haven’t exactly gotten to my point.
So why do angry people die early?

1. They don’t laugh often, when laughter is the best medicine.  They feel that a smile or a laugh is a sign of weakness or vulnerability.
2. They don’t cry, when tears wash away the pain.  They keep to themselves their anger and not release it.  Again, tears for them are signs of weakness.
3. They look older when they get angry often. Wrinkles, fine lines… signs of aging, and signs of raging.

yeah, that’s all I can come up with.

Also, angry people are more susceptible to heart attacks.

You’ve seen it on TV, or in movies… after expressing much anger over a rebellious son, or a pregnant teenage daughter, or an adulterous wife, a father-husband-man of about 50 to 60 years of age, all of a sudden stops on his tracks, gasps for air, and then loses consciousness.  He has had a heart attack.  Will be on coma for a few weeks, and then 2 things: 1.) might wake up after suffering his first stroke. or 2.) would not wake up after the fatal stroke.

so, to you, out there. if you read this, bear in mind:  Forgiving me is not enough.  Forgetting will seal the deal, and will free you of all anger inside you.  You might live a few years more than you expected.

God bless…


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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