Dashboard Confessional

Christopher Ender Carrabba

Who Stole my Heart?

I have no recollection as to when, where, how, and why it started, but I bought my first Dashboard Confessional album, “The Swiss Army Romance”, last October 14, 2006.  But I believe to have liked their songs even before that.  And that I became one of the band’s biggest fans, and was Hands Down to how their music touched my heart.

I don’t remember the first song I heard, but I think what made them popular back then was when “Vindicated” became a part of the Original Soundtrack for Spiderman.  It was such a powerful track.

Hmmm… It just dawned to me, the first song I heard and the first video I saw from them was “Saints and Sailors”.  I remember the video, where the band was playing at party, and the camera was focused on a single character… I saw it in channelV or MTV, when it was featured as a fresh new video.  Back then, I didn’t really like it.

It was only after a few years that I would be aware of the talent, and fell in love…

“Hands Down” was a song about the best date that supposedly Chris has experienced.  By the way,  Dashboard Confessional used to be just Chris Carrabba singing with his guitar inside his car.  Now he is joined by Johnny Lefler, Mike Marsh, and Scott Schoenbeck.

Back to “Hands Down”. It was probably one of the few songs from DC that was happy, and not what people would consider EMO.

The song that made them more mainstream here in the Philippines would have to be “Stolen”, from their “Dusk and Summer” album.  It was a romantic song with a catchy line, “You have stolen my heart”, and made even more girls swoon over the band, especially the vocalist, Chris Carrabba.

May 27, 2010 was a date DC fans in the Philippines, including me, couldn’t wait for.  It was the date scheduled for their “Alter the Ending” tour in Manila.  I, for one, didn’t mind shelling out more than P3,000 just to see them live at the VIP section (if they sold VVIP section tickets for more than the VIP price, I would’ve gotten one of those instead.)

Instead of taking pictures, I took videos of their performances.  It was hard to take a picture because Chris Carrabba moved around a lot.  Over all, it was worth it!

It was already 2 months ago, but it still seemed like yesterday.  I’ve waited for so long for them to come to Manila.  Now that they did, I couldn’t wait for them to come back… 🙂


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  1. Ezhel Romero says:

    hi Bevy Nice blog!keep it up sis!


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