Give P-Noy a break!

Almost 3 days after his first State of the Nation address, President Noynoy’s critics are still blabbering about not being shocked (Bautista-Horne to GMA: Hindi naman po nakakashock…), about inconsistent statistical data, about who should be really blamed for the rice overstock, and about the SONA having all the anomalies and lacking concrete solutions

Can they just give P-Noy a break?!  He’s only been president for what, barely a month.  Putting aside his opposition to his predecessor, he’s only been getting data that was turned over by previous department officials to his appointed cabinet members, right?  If there were inconsistency on any statistics, aren’t those supposed to be turned over also?  Oh, yeah, right, what they turned over was the departmental banners/flags and office files, and not really what these files are all about.

And what’s this “ma’am, hindi naman po nakaka-shock.”  BITTER! Obvious! Well, I guess they have already anticipated the exact anomalies already, and not just the SONA enumerating the anomalies.  Maybe they weren’t shocked because the current cabinet members have not been able to dig up the biggest anomalies, no?  Maybe there are still more of those inconsistencies and the previous administration’s cronies are just on their seats, grinning to themselves and saying, “Finders Keepers!”

And what’s this lacking of concrete solutions? Had it not crossed their minds that our President wasn’t that audacious to promise things he might not be able to keep?  Would they prefer to hear him say things than to actually see him do things?

Hay, I’m not usually like this, but it’s tiring to hear this on the news everyday…  After barely a month in office, I think the least they can do is to cooperate than keep on contradicting P-Noy, and put their Freedom of Speech to good use, for the people, and not for their reputation only.


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