My Ideal Guy

I have first written about the characteristics of who my ideal guy is back when I was in college.  Actually, when I was 16 years old (so that’s either first year in college, or my senior year in high school).  So after 10 years, after several dating stints, and 2 failed romantic relationships, I think it’s about time to revise the characteristics I would hope to find in that one guy who is going to be my OTL, or One True Love

By the way, I am very much aware that I really have to be careful and stick to this list this time.  Although I’m still open to God’s little surprises.  After all, I didn’t expect I’d get close to fulfilling my last list, and it didn’t happen just once, but twice!

So, let’s start with characteristics that don’t fade over time.  I could meet this guy soon, or not, so I would want to make sure that these qualities would stick to him…

1. God-Centered

May I quote one of my brothers in the caring group who made me understand more the difference of this characteristic, with being “God-fearing.”

It is important that this guy fears the Lord, but everyone fears the Lord, including the Evil One.  So I should be careful because my “God-fearing” guy could also be close and possess similarities with the Evil One.

Actually, being God-centered draws in everything.  I believe if this guy is God-centered, he would be loving, loyal, faithful, understanding, patient, nice… In short, almost perfect.  So why not perfect?  Because he’s human…  He has his shortcomings, he has weaknesses…  Things that I know I shouldn’t tolerate or judge him by, but things I know I need to understand, especially if I claim I am God-centered myself.

2. Responsible, Chivalrous, True to his Word, A Real Man!

I need a guy who loves his parents, but don’t run to them the first time he smells trouble.  He should be responsible for his actions, and thus knows how to think before he act or say anything.

Who says chivalry is dead?  Well, I wouldn’t mind if he doesn’t open the door for me, or carry my bag (unless I have a few heavy ones with me… that I might need help!)  But I certainly expect him to offer his seat to elderly, and would think about the safety of his loved ones, whether inside a moving vehicle or outside the streets.

Actions speaks louder than words.  And the fewer the words said, the truer they are.  A guy who has the audacity to promise and then later on say they are meant to be broken, are definitely WIMPS, and are NOT REAL MEN!

3. Committed

Hey, he can’t have me if he doesn’t want to be committed to me.  A relationship with someone who is not committed is definitely a waste of my time!

4. Smart and Practical

A guy’s choices is a reflection of a guy’s beliefs and priorities.  So if he’s someone who chooses to scrimp on a date to splurge on the latest gaming console is definitely not a keeper.  Okay, okay, so a girl needs to understand this need especially if they’re not a couple yet, right?  Well, yeah!  A girl understands enough that a man’s commitment to worldly pleasures tops putting food on the table and roof over their heads as priorities.  Yeah, we do understand.  He’s a keeper? Enough said.

Now off to the characteristics that may change in time, but would definitely start the track to having that OTL: The looks department!

1. If he’s at least 5’6″ tall, that’s a plus.  If he’s taller than my brother, who’s about 5’6 1/2″ tall, that’s good.  If he’s taller than me, who’s 5’1″, and has the tendency to sport 2-3 inch heels, he’s got to be taller than 5’4″.  That’s it! (No pun intended to my ex’s, who average 5’4″ in height.  No such bitterness.  Definitely not!)

2.  He doesn’t have to be a body builder, with muscles protruding from every limb.  He shouldn’t be too flabby either.  He just have to be watchful about his health and his body.  He should be strong enough to carry me with his arms (especially now that I’ve lost a bit of weight), and should take care of his body by living clean.  Occasional drinking wouldn’t be so bad (occasional, as definitely opposed to every occasion, which can range from Birthdays, weddings, promotions, to got-a-haircut-today, got-away-with-a-parking-ticket-day, or survived-a-pimple-week).  He should not smoke, take drugs, and have casual sex with multiple partners (and not with other girls, especially if he’s already with me.  Note that multiple partners include girls, gays, and other guys… EWWW!)

3. Just some other plusses:

  • moreno, or at least doesn’t have a fairer complexion than me…
  • has a fair sense in fashion
  • tantalizing eyes
  • not too cute, but just right for my “Beauty”

4. Some talents/skills as a plus:

  • musically inclined (may know how to sing, or play a musical instrument, or both)
  • plays sports
  • has a good sense of humor
  • knows how to drive
  • loves to travel, and take pictures (with me! :))

That’s it!

That’s really not a lot, right?

Hope to meet him soon!


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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  1. Marikit says:

    We will pray for him. God bless.


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