That kiss I called my first…

I’m not sure if back in Kindergarten, a boy classmate has approached me to pucker up.  I do remember getting my first kiss on the cheek by a classmate, after the exchanging of gifts during my First Grade Christmas Party.

I wouldn’t count an accidental lip-to-lip brushing with a girl classmate back in fourth grade as my first kiss either.  It was so accidental because we were planning to make beso.  I bet she doesn’t even remember that.

I would most definitely not count the kisses on the cheek I got from my girl friends, or the guys I dated back in college or when I was already working. NO WAY!

So, when, where, and with whom did my first kiss happen?!


I did not expect this guy to be on that right place, at that right time.  I’m pretty sure he has kissed a lot of girls before, and more than kiss even.  I was a ‘late-bloomer‘, so to speak, who have read on novels, and seen on tv or movies how kisses go, but have not really experienced it. [Note:  I am not a Josie-Grosie].

I have somehow planned when to have it.  My first kiss on the lips.  The exact moment, I didn’t picture it up to the last detail.  But I remember, that when it finally happened, I felt like I was the most stupid person and the dumbest kisser on earth.


It was almost 12-midnight, and the wee-hours of April 4, 2007.  We were standing under the stars, outside the garage.  We were just talking.  He had his arms on my waist, and my hands were on his arm.  I looked at the stars, then looked at his eyes, the same looking right back at me.  I stood on tiptoe for a moment, to assist my height, and my lips to land on his.  Probably lasted for a tenth of a second.  Then he just stood there, seemingly paralyzed, while I thought to myself, “That’s it?!

I broke the silence and said, “Happy Birthday,” and gave him a hug.  I didn’t have a birthday gift that’s material, but a day before his birthday, I went off work early to join him for dinner with his buddies.  I also filed for a day leave on his birthday, so I can spend more time with him.  And that was my gift. And the birthday kiss…

I didn’t think it was that special…  I felt so like a kid when I planted that smack on his lips…

After that, we went back inside the house.  Since we have a new day ahead of us, we were ending the evening, and he was to go home.  After getting his things, and before going out of the house, he said “Thanks for the birthday gift, and for the day that went.”  Then, he planted on my lips, a kiss that I would always remember.  A kiss that lasted, God knows how long… A kiss that made my heart skip a beat (for out of air, maybe)…  That kiss that I called my first real one…

So what happened after?

4 days after that, we were in Baguio and became a couple.  4 months after, we broke up.  2 months after breaking up, he met someone new.  6 months after he had someone new, I met someone new, whom I felt I would love forever (but that’s another story… And another first kiss…)



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