Eating Disorder

I was bulimic.  I don’t know if I have told anyone about this, but maybe I have told a couple.  I used to overeat and then puke them out.  At one occasion, I ate so much that I made myself puke 3 times in a restaurant’s ladies room.  Ate again after every puke.  That was about 5 years ago…

Back then, I was conscious about how I looked.  I had a lot of insecurities.  I have a 30-inch waistline, and huge hips.  I had chubby cheeks and a very round face.  I didn’t feel attractive.

My bulimia went on for about 2 years.  One time, I somehow found that the better solution was to eat just a few bites and have lots of water.  It somehow worked, as the “every night” puking reduced to about 3 nights a week.

I also resorted to that solution because of my chest pains from college were back.  I was in my senior year in college when I have had ECGs and found I have bradycardia (slow heart rate).  Probably caused by stress, or mainly caused by it, but coupled with the chest pains were stomach aches and burps that include food instead of air.  I was like a baby barfing food instead of milk.

My first few years in the employment sector proved to be even more stressful.  I went to the doctor in 2007 and learned my condition to be that of acid reflux.  Food does have a tendency of going up the esophagus, usually caused by too much water and food intake.  I was on medication and on Gatorade for 2 weeks.

When the chest pains and stomach aches got worse, I was advised to have an ultrasound (that proved to be clear) and an endoscopy, that showed I have gastritis, mainly caused by the acid/gastric juices inflaming my stomach walls and esophagus.  My boyfriend that time was more conscious of what I ate rather than I was…  I knew I already have an allergic reaction (the vomiting kind of allergy) to pasta or any type of noodles, especially when I’m very hungry before eating it.  He made sure I had to stop any intake of food and drinks I really love: coffee, spicy foods, soda, and anything else that’s acidic and carbonated, which is half of what I use to eat.

Currently, I am still conscious about what I eat.  Still have acid reflux, but not as rampant as before.  I’m no longer as conscious about my looks as I was before.  I still have a 28-inch waistline (but has a near to flat tummy already)…

Ah, basta! I’m feeling prettier and sexier everyday… Thank God! 😛

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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