My first date…

My very first date wasn’t really the type of date that I imagined, back when I was still reading “Sweet Valley Twins”. I remember it was just hanging out with someone I met back in high school. Just the two of us at McDonalds’. He paid for it. That was it.

So how did I actually imagine my first date to be?

I imagined it would be set a few days before the actual event. I would have to plan what I’m going to wear. My date would have it all mapped out, like what our activity for that date would be: where we would eat, who would pay, etc. My date would have to pick me up from home. He’d wait a few minutes outside, or in the living room, as I finish glamming up myself.

We would ride a jeep, or a bus, or a car if he drives one. Then he would make “Hatid”…

So, imagine my dismay when real life is really nothing compared to the fantasies implanted by chick flicks and teeny bopper book series in my head. I’m not talking about just the first dates I had with boys or guys I hung out with, but basically with every date I have had in my entire life! I think the only reason I enjoyed my dates was because it was with someone I’m interested with. And the closest thing I’ve had to a perfect date happened more than 2 years ago… but that’s another story… 😀


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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