God is not for the meantime…

Have you heard about the term “Meantime Girl”, referring to that girl whom a guy dates for the meantime, before he finds the girl that he would be ready to commit his life to?

Suppose a girl is the one who is in between boyfriends. She just broke up with her boyfriend, or the other way around, and is trying to meet other guys: hanging out with guy friends, going to arcades, spending time with friends in the club…

But, as sad as it is, it is sometimes harder for girls than guys to “jump” from one relationship to another, or in this case, from one situation to another: from being in a relationship, to being single, then being in a relationship again. Girls are not fully designed to make the first move: we are 50% passive, 30% reactive, and 20% active when it comes to dealing with guys. Now, don’t ask me where I got these figures, those are my personal percentages…

Now, the next I’m going to mention is one that is not necessarily bad, but I am actually guilty of… I am currently spending so much more of my time for God. Put this is the context above, I might be on the verge of having God my “meantime guy”…

Why wouldn’t people think so? I am single, in between relationships, and is having difficulty getting and going out on dates (combine that with the fact that I am actually very picky and might be guilty of having high standards when it comes to guys…) Not to mention, I am considered active in church/religious activities… And, if my friends might recall, when I’ve had my ex boyfriends, I was rarely in regular formations, and I wasn’t able to join the music ministry, or any community for that matter… What are the chances that I might be doing this “hanging out with God” thing for the meantime?

Okay, so I’m guilty… I was able to join the Music Ministry and the Lector and Commentators’ Guild because I have so much time to spare. Apart from my 8-5, M-F job, and my 10-hr/wk writing job, I no longer have extra activities, such as the weekly dates and hours-long phonecalls…

But I know that God does not see me as the meantime girl… After 2 failed relationships, God was still there for me, full time… That as I wait for that guy who would stay committed to me, even if my percentages are accurate, God is 100% in-charge of everything. God is not for the meantime, He is For All Time…

(hope I made sense…)


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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