>new things…

> It’s already 2011… There are so many things I would like to try out this year. Some are things I may have already thought about last year, but didn’t do. Some I felt like it wasn’t the right time to do such, and postponed it over and over, until I have completely forgotten about it. Some I just thought of before the year ended and reserved to doing it this year… But the thing is, I’m not too sure which one to do first, without also jeopardizing my current activities [especially the money generating ones…].

One thing I’m actually excited about is learning “Finnish”. I haven’t exactly started, but I know how to say “thank you” [kiitos], “I am Bevz” [Olen Bevz], “one” [yksi]. That’s basically it, hahaha! Haven’t actually done anything to learn it… I think if I’m around people who are also learning and are at the same comprehension as I am, I’d be more motivated to study…

Another thing… I haven’t really gone outside of the country, and if things do go well with my current job, my first trip would be on August or July, in Finland… That is, if things go well by February… If not, I may have to schedule an out of town trip somewhere by summer…

Third, a new relationship… yihee! I’m actually excited in meeting new people, or reconnecting with the old. Of course, I’m not the type who considers single guys who fit my ideal guy’s description to be an automatic prospect… Duh! That’s actually something I’m going to do differently this year… I’m just gonna hang-out… Nope, that’s different with a date. It wouldn’t be a date, unless specified. If not, it’s just hang-out. Hehehe! Aba, I have been hanging out with a lot of people already, for the past year, and I guess it’s about time, I take things seriously, but definitely in perspective…

Hay, I think I’ve had too much Cheese Popcorn… Didn’t do any good to my line of thinking… hehehe! Happy New Year! Happier New Year!!!


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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