>Presentation for India

>What I’m going to write is nothing about the title. It’s the story behind the title…

Last night, I was attacked by an allergy with an unknown cause. It might be from the alcohol I drank from our mini-batch reunion last December 30. Or the allergies. See, it started around 5 years ago, that I began to have itchy red spots all over my body. I don’t know what I’m allergic to, but we concluded it must be the turn of the season [oh, we only have 2 in the Philippines, so that time, I usually have allergies that last half the year…] the rashes disappear for some time, then will be back again, to waft the cold weather during the Holidays.

The last time I had my attack was when I went out with a guy friend in Makati. I didn’t really show it, but my neck was really itchy [perhaps it was the trace of my bronze coated chain necklace, or maybe it was because I was hanging out with a guy who was “vertically-challenged”… no offense meant to my friend…]. I remember the last time I had a regular allergy attack that I had to take meds for it, was when I was with my second boyfriend [who was incidentally only 5’4”].

And then last night, the allergies.

I failed to take the meds last night, before I went to bed, so I took them this morning. I only took the generic kind [coz it only costs three bucks], half the tablet, and my allergy was gone in a matter of minutes… Though the side effects that I was aware of was yet to manifest…

So come 10:00am, the meds are taking effect… the side effect… Even my second cup of coffee for the day wasn’t enough to whisk away the side effect… Eyes were droopy, and I was feeling light headed… My head was swaying, as if trying to shake for some consciousness… I had to battle with the call of my bed, or the side table, or the soft cushion of my office chair… I was slowly being sucked into the world of REMs… the next thing I know, I wrote “Presentation for India” on my new Belle de Jour planner to indicate the time set for a meeting and presentation… Shoot!


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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