>Me? A Model?! Sure!!! :D

>For around four hours, I actualized a frustration since I hit my teens… I became a “model”…

The company I’m working for is going to have a product launch on the 27th of this month. People are scrambling for suppliers and materials to present, giveaway, and the like. The Technical Department is currently developing awesome apps, while the Sales and Marketing Department are chasing down media, suppliers, and accommodations. Part of the program of the launch is an audio-visual presentation, and some materials for the website. So we had to take pictures…

We first dressed in our corporate attires, and showed how we deal business with the use of different gadgets. Then came the winter wear [coats and scarves provided by our boss], and lastly, the casual/lifestyle. I had a few solo shots in the casual, where I was told where to look, the “director” was holding my face so I would face one side or another… Was a bit hard, but it was okay… I couldn’t wait to see the finished product. hehehe!


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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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