>something that bugs me…

>… no, it’s not my allergies, that don’t give any warning that they’ll be appearing in places I actually don’t want them to, like my face, my hands, or my feet…

…it’s not the compulsory overtime that I have to render later (and I would extend if I still continue writing this blog because it steals time; still I’m writing) for researching about costs of mobile application porting/migration [if you can relate, yes you who stumbled upon this write up, PM me if you have websites or links to suggest]… this does not bug me, it actually does more than bug me… if this ain’t work , I’d loathe it.

…and it’s definitely not a certain person who thinks that he/she is the best in what he/she is doing… he/she always claims that he/she has thought of an idea, which I or my partner actually brought up, and if it weren’t for us, he/she wouldn’t even think about it, or even have the least idea about it… yeah, I loathe him/her, too…

…it’s actually the fact that I have yet again to consider what my future awaits, somewhere, away from here…

yeah, didn’t make any sense… I’m constantly shifting my fingers to different parts of my body to scratch… Cetirizine isn’t working yet… maybe I need 1000mg of that stuff [but then, given the side effect, I wonder how long I would be asleep, or need to fight drowsiness the entire day?] hay, really itchy! I don’t need this!

Okay, I change my mind. My allergies bug me, A LOT!!!

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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