>See the blessings…

> [Reflection of Talk 1 in the “DRENCHED” series of the Feast…]

I practically have 10 minutes to tap on the keys and write up on what I think can relate to this topic…

See, weeks ago, due to my attending the Feast, I have learned the concept of a dream board… It is actually called a Wish Ko Lang Dream Board. I didn’t draw anything on it, rather, I glued onto it pictures and ready-made drawings of things I actually want to achieve in life. Since I’m wishing and dreaming, might as well dream and wish big right?

So, at the center of that Dream Board, I cut and pasted the image of a woman who’s on top of the world… well, not really, but she’s carrying a bag and is like a 50-foot woman walking over streets and buildings of what seems to be Makati [okay, it was the print ad from Metrobank, and it represented what I wanted to achieve…]

Then, surrounding that picture (with some parts partially covered) were other pictures, which represents 5 aspects of my life that I have a dream about:

1. Work life – I imagined myself climbing the corporate ladder, sometimes just out on the field with my laptop… Then there was a leisurely side about it, which I have already actualized a month ago: hanging out in a coffee shop, sipping my favorite blend, and in front of my laptop, while speaking to someone over the cellphone. It was actually a nice feeling, not to mention I was able to get some free Wi-Fi from Coffee Bean that time…

2. My passion for traveling – the pictures that relate to this aspect included the drawing of a girl, in the airport, almost boarding the plane… Another picture included a girl with a bunch of suitcases beside her. Then if I remember it correctly, the last picture was a drawing of a girl driving a convertible, with her hair and scarf being blown by the wind…

3. My love life – the second biggest picture in the dream board included that of a girl with a bouquet of roses on her arm. Surrounding it were smaller pictures (and some stickers) about relationships (one was a picture of a couple seemingly dancing on what looked like the rooftop of a skyscraper…

4. My family life – I imagined myself being a hands-on mom… I would be teaching my kids their first ABC’s and 123’s and the basic prayers. I would be enjoying weekly dates with my family, on the park, on the mall, and sometimes on the beach…

5. Lastly, my catch-all spot – here I have included all the pictures that I couldn’t really categorize… Retail therapy… Rocking it with the mike stand and the guitar… Cooking… the life…

Of course, all of these I wouldn’t be achieving, and wouldn’t be successful, if not for the guidance and blessings of our Almighty God… Starting from the small blessings of waking me up each morning to realize every dream, and giving me the perfect sun, moon, and stars to appreciate everything there is around me… and last but not the least, my family and friends…

Hay, Third sessions almost up! Better shut this laptop down, and SING FOR THE LORD!!!
Woot! Woot!

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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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