>I’m sleepy…

>what’s new? and why would I be? I slept around 1:00 this morning, and then woke up a little past 5am. why sleep that late and wake so early? Well, I had to log in to facebook after I submitted my descriptions, and had to play just 2 [okay, maybe 3] rounds of Stone Match. My mom caught me playing, and like an adolescent brat, I had to tell her that I wouldn’t stay up long and will sleep as soon as I’m done with the game [which was after nth number of games]…

and now I’m sleepy… I will probably have a similar schedule tonight… But I played many Stone Match games already, eventually reaching more than 5000 points [woopee!!!], so maybe I wouldn’t want to play anymore later…

still I’m sleepy… I’ve had my second cup of coffee before lunch, and I don’t want to drink another one, as it is almost 3pm… but then , it doesn’t really make any difference, whether I drink coffee in the the afternoon or not. I still end up so sleepy…

No, it’s not my allergies. Coz if that’s why I’m sleepy, I wouldn’t even be able to write this, especially if I took my meds… I would’ve struggled just tapping my keyboard. But, yeah, that’s another thing… I feel itchy, in isolated body parts… hay…

oh, I’m wishy-washy today [assigned dishwasher for the day… yeah, our company has that… cool no?! oh, didn’t I say I was sarcastic?]. Thanks to the boys for eating out for lunch… you gave me less dishes to wash… hahaha!

hay, I’m blabbing, I really must be sleepy…


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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