>God can never be outdone…

>I refuse to consider this as a clich�… You can never overuse this statement. It is definitely a fact. If you don’t agree with me, hmm… I’m sorry, I would have to say, there must be something wrong with you…

I have witnessed this again today. Actually, I know I experience this everyday, but it’s only a few times that I get to take notice [sorry Lord]… But the way that God manifests Himself, it’s just so amazing! So beyond my comprehension, sometimes! I would sometimes say, “I don’t deserve this!”, but then, I should never underestimate the ultimate power of an Almighty Father… Na-ah!

How God made me realize these things earlier was through my friends… How they helped me on my confusion [I know they were not my friends and were not brought by God to me for nothing]… Oh, though one got me confused more, but it’s all good, I know he just wanted to help, hehe!

There are just so many things out there that God has done that I need to explore… And now, in the first month of 2011, God is kinda pushing to go for it, using my friends and family as the instruments to convince me to do so.

He wanted me to keep my writing stint, so I am still writing for Balsam, writing for my blog, and got an informal proposal from a friend to write about the photographs he take… That should be interesting! I hope to discuss it with him fully tomorrow, when we see each other. I bet he has lots of stories to share about his photography challenge.

Then there’s this proverbial need for retail therapy… I think I need to be exposed to the malls again, particularly department stores and boutiques… Did I hear food retail therapy? Hay… this other friend actually opened me to the idea… instead of department stores and boutiques, I hear the whisper of fast food chains [still in the mall, so it’s not a departure…] Oh, Lord…

And lastly, there’s the still-yet-to-be-tried-and-then-tested-again-and-again more-than-money-related thingy… Hay, do I even need to count that in?

All in all, these are just some of the few things that God has opened up for me. Yeah, so many blessings not just for my present, but definitely for my future… Lord, I can just take in the ordinary things… You just have to be perfect to really give me the extraordinary ones…



About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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