Problems are Blessings…

I believe that the more problems you have, the more room you have for blessings! But I’m not saying that one should always have problems in order to receive blessings… I’m saying that people should look at problems as sources of blessings… Problems can be Blessings in disguise, you know…

Also, isn’t it that when God allows problems to come your way, it would always be with a purpose? Like God wouldn’t really allow it if He knows you can’t handle it. Take Job for example. He believed so much in the loyalty of this servant that after the Devil took away his most prized possessions and gave him a disease, Job still kept his faith [but being human, he still complained to the Lord when nothing seemed to go in any positive way…]

I think everyone has their limits when it comes to the problems they face. But I think when one has more faith, they will overcome these problems, see them as purposeful experiences, and eventually thank God for them, for without them, they would not have realized the blessings that are coming their way…

Hmm, I may be blabbing… But I am just so blessed… 😀

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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