>Just being bitchy

>This is my blog.
I write what I think and feel in my blog.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t usually think about what others would think when they read my blog. [Besides, I don’t even feel like there are a lot of people reading my blog, even if it’s all posted in the internet, and everything I write is public.] When I write, I don’t mean to offend anyone [sorry if it will]. My being bitchy while being angelic, aims to entertain, to amuse, and to make people be bitchy. It aims to help people take petty things lightly, and not always take life too seriously.

Okay, so maybe I am undergoing a phase right now. It might just be this stomach ache I’ve been feeling since I returned to the office today [what caused it, I don’t know]. I just feel like being bitchy. Just let me. If you have any problems with that, approach me. Do not talk to anyone else about how I offended you with my bitchy and sarcastic remarks, if ever, talk to me first. Or just think about this… IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!!! so, don’t be paranoid, don’t be assuming, don’t be too hungry for attention from me. Again, whoever you are who feels like I’m talking about you, think about this also, IT MIGHT NOT BE YOU!!!

If you think you’re the one I’m talking about, man, you must be so freakin’ paranoid. If you feel like all of my posts seems to be directed toward you, why still read if you’re already feeling offended? If you don’t like what you read, why continue reading?

First of all, did I ask you to read my blog? NO!

Did I ask you to read further? NO!

Did I tell you that this blog is about you? NO!

Can you even see your name here? NO!

Was it my fault that you misinterpreted my blog? NO! It’s your interpretation. And if after being paranoid, you immediately had the guts to ask me about it, you save face and you save my friendship with you [that is, if we ARE friends].

Okay, it’s sleeping time… I’m actually tired being bitchy today…

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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