in my 27th year…

It’s 2011. In October, I’ll 28 on the 28th. But from October 28, 2010 to October 27, 2011, I am 27 years old. So what is so significant in my 27th year that I have to point these things out?

I believe that the 27th year is my prime year. I would be accomplishing a lot. I believe that being 27 alone is an accomplishment already, especially when people still think I’m 23 [or maybe I’m just that immature, hehe!] I believe that my dreams will come true this year. In my 28th year, I’m already savoring the fruits of all the labor I had to do during my 27th.

Some of the things, I think, that I’m already achieving and enjoying this year are the following:

1. Singing on stage -as part of the St. Peregrine Chorale and the LOJF-Alabang Music Ministry, I am doing this at least once a month. I especially enjoy this because I know it’s something I’m doing with the talent that God gave to me, and I’m just bringing it back. I’ve done just one solo [which I hope God didn’t mind if I used “deliver” instead of “shelter”, hays…], and I hope to do a lot more.

2. Meeting new people – of course, I’ve met a lot already when I joined my singing groups and had a new job [from which I just resigned yesterday, in the hopes of finding “myself” and that job I would really love to do]. But I believe I would still meet new ones [hopefully, my one true love would turn up one of these days… Or maybe I have met him already]…

3. Getting noticed – now, I’m not one who really loves to be center of attention all the time, but I love it when people acknowledge me for my talents… I find it really nice when people in my Feast Alabang family refer to me as Pocahontas (they can remember the bit of “humiliation” wearing all those feathers, and becoming Indians, dancing and singing… hehehe!) Good thing, they don’t remember much about the Lady Gaga thingy that the Singles did… Oh, I wouldn’t even go there! But that was fun (the Lady Gaga thingy), because the people I did that with were really fun… 😉

4. Getting paid to write – I’m not exactly getting paid for writing things I love to write about, but I like to write. I like how it somehow expands my vocabulary.

5. Getting giddy – this is the exciting part… Since I’m meeting new people, I couldn’t help but have crushes on a few guys… Haha! It’s nice to really talk with these guys sometimes, and just hang-out. Hehe!

Okay, so maybe after the fifth item, I kinda lost track of what I was writing (arggh, some manifestations of ADS?!). Maybe it’s because it’s almost lunch time, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet… Oh well… I know I didn’t make sense, but I just had to write these things… 😀

Anyway, I also believe that these things wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t believe that I have a God who loves me unconditionally. An Almighty Father who wants what’s best for His children. A God who made me realize that the simplest of things can be the greatest of blessings. A God who made me believe that nothing is impossible with him.

God bless!!



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I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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