>God guides when I decide


In every decision I make, I make sure I have prayed first. In every decision I make, I know that I should seek God for guidance. And I believe that in every decision I made, He has made his point. I believe that He has always shown me the way… There are just some times when, due to free will, I don’t go through the way He points out. But I really try to follow what He shows me…

In every decision I make, I consult my parents. I believe they were put here by God to guide me as well. They are His instruments for me. Their wisdom and knowledge, acquired through time, can help me decide.

Now, if it’s about my future, not one person from my past [be distant or recent] can control and manipulate me in to whatever decision I need to make. These people shouldn’t be made to believe that they can be like God, or be in the same level as the parents. What I do with my life, I have already consulted with my parents and prayed to God about it. No need for you (whoever you are) to do it for me or interfere. I can definitely manage. No offense meant.


About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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