>Practice what you preach…

>Friends often for to me for advice. Sometimes, it’s about love, about family, about work… Basically anything and everything under the sun. [Surprisingly, I have yet to experience marriage and motherhood to be ever good in giving advice about these things…] When they come, they expect, and sometimes get sound advice.

There are times when I myself go to friends for advice. It would be during times when I can’t practice what I have been preaching. I know it’s hard, but sometimes, it’s just how the world works…

Now, it’s a different thing when we speak of faith, beliefs, and practices. I think it all boils down to being humble and loving. I say this as I admit that even as an active and participative catholic christian, there are times I shy away from what should be practiced. and I’m not one who takes advantage of a loving and forgiving God when I make excuses for my bad actions… But I do know that I try not to fail seeking forgiveness and repenting for whatever shortcomings…

So, imagine my dismay, when an admittedly imperfect catholic christian like me gets a beating from people who believe so much on their faith… Oh wait. Isn’t the fact that they give me a bashing already a deviation of their beliefs?

Enough said. Refer back to title. Besides, I don’t think I’m still making sense.

About angelbevz

I'm a girl full of contradictions.
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